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HICF team prays for a deaf Zambian man


     Where is the heart of the modern church for missions? Where is the heart of the American church concerning ministry to the least? Are these things viewed as optional or less than top priority when churches and families sit down and determine how they will use the resources our King has entrusted to them?

     After reading Matthew 25:31-46 concerning the heart of our Lord for the least in the Body of Christ, can you look at your handling of God's trust in you or look at your church's budget and feel comfortable that you are pleasing Christ in this area?

     Defeating the importance of missions and reducing it to a secondary issue in the American church is the perceived need for plush buildings, the most advanced technology for worship that is more entertainment-oriented than ever, family life centers to draw the masses, the concern for the aesthetic appeal of sanctuaries, and salaries that exceed that of heads of corporate America.

     With all of the millions of dollars spent on programming to make the worship and ministry so relevant - what is the state of the modern American church?

     With all of the millions spent on entertaining youth and keeping the seeker comfortable, many times at the expense of offending our Holy Father, what is the state of the American church?


Squatter camp children greet the HICF team in front of their home


     Our King left the glory of heaven, the intimacy of direct fellowship with the Father, and He gave Himself no benefit to secure salvation in a dark and sinful world. Our salvation was bought by the missions work of Jesus Christ our King.

     No matter how you interpret the timing of Matthew 25:31-46, the heartbeat of our God is revealed for the least in the Body of Christ through these words.

     We also find the determining factors of what Jesus clearly says will define sheep and goats in Matthew 25. The defining factor will not be whether we had the simple non-committal, sin-tolerant, belief of our day, nor will it be based on how large or plush the buildings were that we constructed to house the elite saints in grand style. Jesus is not going to be pleased with our family-life buildings constructed to supposedly draw the masses to repentance. He is not going to say "Wow! Your worship had the latest technology and the best sound, and it was so relevant". No, His Word is clear in Matthew 25:31-46. Judgment will be based on how we ministered to the least in the Body of Christ. Church budgets in America truly reflect that American ministry has rarely, if ever, taken the words of Christ seriously.


HICF missions team member with Zambian orphans

     God has given our small fellowship some unbelievable opportunities to minister to the least through various agencies, such as Voice of the Martyrs, World Indigenous Missions, Agents for Christ, World Horizons, Overland Missions, The Assemblies of God, as well as several private organizations and individuals.


Pastor Samiwel's family
HICF team traveled to stand with a pastor and his family in Burkina Faso

     Just to mention a few of the opportunities we have enjoyed by His grace are the payment by Hatteras Island Christian Fellowship for the building of 5 churches in India, the sustaining of a primary school in a squatter camp outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, the purchase of land for a Christian elementary school in Niger among a Muslim community, and the building of an orphanage in Zambia. We also were privileged to take on the payment of a young Zambian man's bills for the last three years of law school, from which he graduated in May 2006.



A moment with a Zambian sister at her home



Our Zambian law student at his graduation

     These are simply a few of the opportunities the Lord has trusted this fellowship with. The fellowship is involved presently in Burkina Faso, Mexico, Uganda and Russia. . In the past fiscal year, 39.75% of the finances of HICF have been given to missions. Jesus stated in Luke 12:48 that "to whom much is given, much will be required".


Gifts for the least in the bush of Zambia

HICF construction team building teachers' houses
for the bush school in Zambia


HICF sent a team to encourage and learn from a fledgling church in Deou, Burkina Faso.
The team also traveled to the tiny village of Lila (Lee-la) where the Lord allowed them to present
the gospel in an area where it had never been heard.


 Ministry in the remote northern areas of Burkina Faso





Squatter Camp - South Africa

HICF purchased this tent to establish a new church in a squatter camp in South Africa